To help our client’s build financial solvency, competitive edge and agility by shortening their cash conversion cycle


Our core services include providing Receivables Management in the “Business to Business (B2B) ” space but to make our services comprehensive, we also provide Accounting Services (including Income Tax related and, GST related services, Audits,  Bank Reconciliation , legal help in starting up companies  ) besides Bad Debt negotiation and recovery services (like NCLT and Civil recoveries).


Receivable management for our clients from their Government (State and Central govt) customers and Corporate customers.

We understand that:

  • – getting paid on time for products and service provided by our clients is crucial for their wellbeing , growth and competitiveness.
  • – there is a time value of money in terms of Cost of money, Opportunity cost, cost of Collection and Cash flow.

  • – no two debtor companies / government organizations or their terms of payments are identical. That’s why we undertake an   

  •    organization, term and challenge specific approach best suited to our clients and their debtors.

  • – government / companies owe money, but people at the debtors end decide and process the bills . 

Our Reach

We do B2B receivable management pan India and depending on the feasibility of the assignment. For that we also place people as and where required, even in remote towns and cities as per client requirements.

Our Philosophy and values

To be perceived by our clients as the partner of choice in terms of ethics, professional performance and value for money.


Given today’s multi-dimensional pressures and timeline crunches, ethics mostly become the first casualty. But due to our commitment towards protection of our clients reputation, we maintain the highest ethical standards in our words and actions in all our dealings.

Our Team

Between the directors, there is more than 70 years of experience in client servicing on Accounting , on-going Corporate collections, Fraud and Risk management, Non Performing Asset recoveries through professional liaison and litigation.

She is a practicing Chartered Accountant since 1997. She brings along her wide understanding on corporate taxation (IT , GST ) besides audit and reconciliations etc.




MBA 1988 batch with 16 years with Citibank, besides 8 years with other Corporates like HCL Ltd , Jana Small Finance Bank and TSI India besides 7 years s of entrepreneurship.

Specializes in Credit , Receivables management  (retail and corporate) , Recovery on Bad Debts , Fraud & Risk and  ATM industry.


A lawyer by profession since ————–. Practicing in Corporate law matters and matters of Legal recoveries for the last —————-years.




Our clients