Our staff across the country handling the various portfolios are our most valued assets. The average age of our staff is 32 years. However some of our staff have joined us after their superannuation from their jobs, where they have individually done the same function for 28 to 35 years. We deeply value their wisdom and rich experience they bring along , in pursuit of being the “best in class”.

The pooling of experiences from varied fields and the resourcefulness of each of the team members help compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses making the organization work like one well oiled machine.

Directors :


Ratnesh Mathur :
Post Graduate in Management. He was the founder and head of BPO Business for Infosys for Europe post his stint as an Investment and Retail banker with Citibank, NA, India and Europe. He was also among the pioneers who set up the first consumer / retail banking collection set-up in India for Citibank, NA in 1991. He is a very successful social entrepreneur in his own right and own 2 companies of his own,one in Europe and one in India. Ratnesh is the non-executive director on board of Gnosis Praxis.


Sabhyasachi Purkait :
Post Graduate in Management. A retail banker through his career with Citibank, NA and Citigroup since 1992. Majorly experienced in the Credit control, credit appraisal, risk and fraud control and allied fields on various products of the bank while working with the bank. Has also done collections on North America portfolios of Citi and hence a US Govt certified FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act). Besides retail collections, has been doing Enterprise ( Business to Govt and Business to Business) collections from the beginning of his entrepreneurship in 2009, for some of the most respected names in Corporate world like Wipro GE, TATA Teleservices and Airtel, in India.