Government Collections

From a ownership point of view, the government debts of our clients fall under Central and State govt bodies .

-But functionally there can be an aggregating body owning the debt on behalf of multiple government bodies (indenters/consignees), e.g Min of Defense , Kerala Medical Services Limited , Tamilnadu Medical Services Corporation Limited and Hindustan Latex Ltd-Lifecare etc


-the good or service user is itself the debt owner.

In the former case, the per consignee documentation being elaborate (as per the Purchase order ) and the locations being varied and across the geography of the country , the challenges are entirely of a different complexity and magnitude than in the latter case.

Over the years of dealing with both the types we also understand web of the various offices and within them the departments and within department the various tables of processing and approvals hierarchies and off-course the red tape challenges in any government body.

Though the single word “government” seems to give an impression of homogeneity in all it’s sub-forms, the truth can’t be farthest from it. Except a few basic norms, each government body has its very unique way of functioning and culture.

Government organizations have particular way of functioning and placing requirements on our clients and in-turn our clients (being private corporate enterprises) have their own way of doing everything.

Our job is that of a translator /mediator for both and to minimize the TATs at both ends to achieve the fastest turnaround times on the debts for our clients.