Corporate Collections

We understand that unlike the government that has access to huge public funds, all corporates need solvency, good cash flow, and faster circulation of money to make them competitively agile, compliant and give a healthy return on investment. These in-turn helps them leverage loans at cheaper rates.

So the business agreement between the corporate and their customers normally decide the normal credit periods, aging of debts, interests and penalties on both parties in-case of default.

We understand and adhere to these customized terms and industry regulation and policies while collecting for our clients.

The bouquet of challenges and their complexity in doing corporate collections vary widely from the government.

Delivering to their unique requirements and keeping age of debts the lowest is our singular goal. This at times needs us to play the role of a mediator again in the best interest of the relationship and realization of the disputed debt money.

We also have arrangements with very capable and renowned corporate law houses for legally proceeding on debt recoveries and arbitration, in consultation with our clients.